Productive Monday

I woke up this morning with work on my mind… another typical Monday? Yes and no. Deep, grey fog had settled across London overnight. In between finding the normality of the working week, I wanted to find some re-assurance from my consultant and the oncologist that even by exploring chemotherapy first, I would still be looking at a mastectomy. This was confirmed to me. I also had a chat with a lovely cancer care nurse in the AXA Healthcare team who was explaining why certain people choose different options.

I ventured out after lunchtime to get some fresh air. The sun had broken through and it was yet another beautiful autumn day in town. It’s funny how life can change from one minute to the next. We all know that it can but I guess only some of us really experience it. As I was walking around Green Park and the streets of the city, I started to pay more attention to people around me, wondering what kinds of lives they lead, if they’re happy, sad, healthy, sick, stressed, loved, lonely, etc. It is easy to slip into a ‘why me’, ‘why is everyone else is okay’ mood. It then takes some strength to slip out of this mode and realise that whoever said ‘not everything is as it seems’ was probably quite right.

Following a freshly made vegetable juice from Wholefoods which basically tasted of grass (really need to get some recommendations on which vegies to throw together for good taste!), I bought more berries, organic yoghurts and other things that will form part of a healthier diet. I have a feeling I’ll be moving into Wholefoods soon. Never realised the upstairs section had essential oils and other natural remedies. Great!

My brother sent me a lovely message earlier saying ‘I’ll be there holding your hand always’ with a cute picture of us both in Turkey when we were kids.

I also had a call from another friend earlier who had gone through similar procedures many years ago and hearing from people you know (rather than cases you read about) really helps me at the moment. I feel very connected to people I’m close to at the moment and I’m immensely grateful for the support and Love. It’s a great source of strength and courage. Thank you!



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