Op day

It’s 4am Wednesday morning and having slept on and off since 10pm, I feel awake. It’s the night and morning post surgery. I too my last painkillers at 8.30pm and so far so good. I’m not in any pain, discomfort on the left hand side next to the breast area, yes. I guess a lot of the area is still numb. Going to the toilet is still the hardest thing due to the dizziness and nausea of standing and walking. I’ve been told that this is normal for around a day or so after the general anesthetic and it seems the codeine tablet from earlier also didn’t help with those symptoms. I still rather take on the challenge of walking 3m to the toilet than trying to pee into a pot. When’s the last time you tried to pee lying down?!

I have two pulsating wraps around my legs, massaging away to avoid any thrombosis. Strange feeling but totally bearable.

Rewind.. I got to princess grace pre 7am appointment (Nov 4th) and was given a room to wait in. Both my dad and Pix were with me. At some point towards 7.30 pre op conversations started and Mrs Hogben came up to chat through everything one more time which was good. Having not had a lot of sleep the night before helped me feel more relaxed and just tired with an almost ‘okay then let’s do this’ attitude. Also, having seen Kim (therapist) the afternoon before the op helped me out trust in the process.

The anesthetist was very sweet and gentle. I made my way downsides to surgery and was given a light sedative. Having been worried about the anesthetic, it was so easy on reflection. The sedative kicked in a few seconds later and I remember feeling a head rush, dizziness and almost drunk. With that I must have closed my eyes as I don’t remember much else. I don’t remember waking up or the wake up room, or being back upstairs. Apparently I was also repeating myself a lot once I woke up but don reenergise that either.

The day passed with no complications and no pain. My dad stayed for most of it, I slept a little and really enjoyed friends visiting. Pix has been exceptional and my friends and family wonderful. I must have been quite high I remember chatting and laughing in the early hours while feeling sleepy and relaxed later on. I’ve also been quite hungry and had a craving for sushi, how odd. And it tasted so good!

My mother gave me a picture of Bruno Grönning, a healer and spiritualist she believes in. This pic has been with me throughout the day and night- I’m not opposed to trying anything!

I also have a picture of the Maledives next to me (thank you Pix), a planned treat once the toughest parts of this particular journey are over.

The staff here have been lovely and attentive. I feel well in this environment and looked after.

I suppose I better get some more shut eye. I’m relieved the first step has been taken and for now it’s all about healing and sending positive vibes to my body. As Kim said: try to stay in the green zone of comfort, support, Love, being looked after.


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