Post op

It’s a day after the operation and I feel okay. I slept on and off last night and got up out of bed around 7am feeling much less nauseous and dizzy than during the night. Probably means the anesthetic and other opiates were leaving my body. I haven’t yet experienced any pain as I’ve been on a consistent dose of paracetamols since the surgery.

It’s been quite a ‘busy day’ with friends dropping in and out as well as various medics such as physiotherapists (or lovingly named physioterrorists), the pharmacists, breast care nurse and regular nurses. All seem happy with the progress I’m making and have been keen to give me additional painkillers which I have not needed. Not keen on morphine in particular or codeine as I don’t like the head rush and dizziness that comes with these. Some of the anti-inflammatory drugs gave me heartburn which was actually the main thing that bothered me today. So I have asked for a change in meds and to take my own anti-acids which was all approved.

The initial physiotherapy exercises were tough. I felt myself almost fainting, probably more out of fear and stiffness than actual pain.

Mrs Hogben visited just before lunchtime to check on me and have a chat. She said I looked good and sounded good and that the op went according to plan. She also mentioned how impressed she was with the softness and elasticity of my skin (always nice to hear even in these circumstances). As I woke out of the anesthesia, I apparently turned around to her and said smiling: “mmmm these drugs are amazing!” Brilliant! I don’t remember any of this! It was a relief to hear from her that everything seemed to be progressing normally and that I may be able to leave tomorrow. To be honest, it’s been quite nice being here, quiet, safe, comfortable and the reclining bed has helped me get in and out quite easily. It’ll be a different thing altogether at home.

My mother and brother are arriving tomorrow which will be nice and means a full house!

More friends visited this evening and it was great to mix family and friends a little and also spend some time being social.

I feel positive about my recovery, keen to heal properly and take my time doing so. So here’s to a peaceful and restful Thursday night – Bonfire Night 2015.



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