Saturday post op

It’s been 72 hours since the op and I feel good. Night time sleeping isn’t so easy as lying flat seems to put pressure on my chest and I prefer to sleep semi-upright which is not the most comfortable or natural position to go to sleep in. Other than that, my drains were removed yesterday lunchtime at the Princess Grace and that made a big difference to some of the soreness I felt while they were still in.

The second night after the op passed uneventful. I don’t yet sleep through the night but seem to wake up just before my next dose of paracetamols are due, usually around 5am. My mum and brother arrived yesterday afternoon and we all left the hospital together. It’s nice to have a busy house even if at times a little exhausting too. Prior to release from the hospital, I’ve been given more exercises to do by the physio, some of them quite challenging. So far so good – able to move my arm in most ways just not as high up as the other one. Baby steps. We spent the evening in the flat and I made my bed on the sofa with lots of cushions to help me stay as upright as possible. Painkiller wise, I’m on paracetamol and ibuprofen which seem to do the trick. Very grateful not to have to take anything stronger as it seems to make me feel unwell and dizzy.

I had my first full shower this morning – so so lovely. How we take these little things for granted. Just being able to feel the water run down my head and body was a luxury. Finally feel human, clean and fresh again. Thanks to some of the physio exercises, it wasn’t too hard to shower, dry off and get dressed either. I think one of the main restrictions to movement is the plaster which is in my armpit and pulls the skin as I move my arm. Hopefully this will loosen in time.

Ever since the diagnosis, my brain feels more challenged than any other part of me. I feel in good spirits but feel overwhelmed with the amount of advice and information out there. This is particularly true when it comes to nutrition. I’m a great believer of balance and no one way is better than another but bits of everything and everything in moderation is usually my path. I realise that during this particular journey, I may have to make some sacrifices when it comes to diet and lifestyle but it’s a complete jungle out there. Don’t eat dairy, don’t eat meat, don’t eat grain, don’t eat bananas or fruit, don’t eat bread, don’t don’t don’t… Different nutritionists, different views, different brochures, completely different facts. For now, I’m adding more greens to my diet, cutting down on dairy and cutting out red meat and sugar.

Talking of which, I tried out the Samson cold press juicer earlier today and have to say that it should come with a big fat ‘patience required’ label. After pushing various carrots, beetroot, ginger, spinach and celery through the machine, I finally managed to retrieve one big wine glass full of juice. What an effort. Might either have to throw the juicer out of the window, look at alternatives or practise patience – or all three.

I’m really pleased with the way my skin looks around the area that was operated, also happy not to be in any pain and mentally clear and upbeat. There’s a huge part of me that things: come onnnnnn, let’s get you healthy and fit!

Meanwhile, it’s one of those typical, grey, wet and windy November saturdays so I’m content staying in and relaxing for a few hours with plenty of reading material around me. Or maybe I’ll just catch up on the Apprentice!



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