Frankenstein, bruises & normality

Day 5 after the op and a bit of normality has returned to my life again. I spent most of the weekend with my family and it was particularly nice to connect with my brother and have some one-to-one time, albeit short. So the weekend passed with more healing, with dinners, brunches and walks in Greenwich. I also saw Mati, Lucy and spent time with Pix which balanced things out.

On saturday, as I was relaxing on the couch, I looked up the MacMillan site to see if I could join any meet-ups with people who have undergone treatment or are on similar paths. While searching for this, I came across their online community which seems to be huge. People from all walks of lives with different diagnoses, chatting to eachother, exchanging tips, offering support, guidance, comfort and understanding. So I joined of course and posted an initial introductory message which received some lovely replies. Good to know there’s a place to go to and actually ask questions to people who aren’t professionals, medics, know-it-alls but just ordinary people who have had experiences and are happy to share these.

I was advised to put some of the strict nutrition rules to one side and just take each day as it comes for now. Depending on treatment types, the body will be calling out for certain foods apparently and I can still make decisions based on that, as and when. Otherwise it just all feels too much, given that my diet has already changed quite a lot to exclude alcohol, red meat, many carbs and reduce other things while adding more healthy stuff. One thing I do keep coming across, is Frankincense or Frankenstein as I like to call it. Apparently the properties of this essential oil are particularly healing in this case and so Frankenstein has been steaming out of my vaporiser for the past few days. Not sure it’s one of my favourite smells actually but happy to try.

This morning as I prepared for a shower, I noticed that the skin towards the bottom of my left breast has now bruised quite badly. At first I thought it was blood but it’s actually dark purple traces mixed with green. Looks like I’ve been beaten up but luckily isn’t sore. My left arm feels stiffer than the last few days but this is something the nurse had mentioned to me and I’m sure both arm and breast area will continue to feel different over the coming weeks.

After showering, I accompanied my mum to Paddington from where she headed to the airport while I went into the Trend office. So good to have some normality and see familiar faces in the office. I’ve agreed to be as involved as ever as this will help me heal and continue to maintain normality. A couple of hours, I found myself back at Wholefoods buying kale, organic carrots, yoghurt and other vegies (who am I?!). Delicious Thai lunch with Pix at Busaba thai and then bits of work from home this afternoon. Aside from being cautious on the underground and in crowds not to be bumped into, it felt like any other monday.

One of Deepak’s episodes on ‘perfect health’ talks about committing to taking steps towards perfect health. This can be anything from: more exercise, more fruit, more this or less that. For me, I’ve noticed that I tend to rush around for no reason. Well, I used to think it’s good for fitness to be speed-walking through London. I’m sure it is but on one hand, it does create an unnecessary impatience and urgency to the day. I would like to see if I can reduce this going forward. So today I made a conscious effort to slow my walk down and ironically probably strolled around just like the many tourists, ones I would usually push aside.

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 17.02.56


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