Delivery day

I woke up this morning and for the first time felt quite sore and stiff. This was mostly on my side and under my arm rather than around my chest. It may be related to not getting up at 5am to reach for more paracetamol. Things got easier once I got out of bed but it seems the area where the drains were attached is still the sorest. Bruising also continues around the breast area. I had a number of surprise deliveries throughout the day, sweet gestures from friends and clients with one bigger delivery of organic chicken cacciatore and chicken paprika by my friend Laura who came round at mid-day.

It was great to finally catch up and discuss some of the more holistic healing methods out there. I’m open to it all and particularly enjoying reading about essential oils and ayurvedic approaches. A lot of people also say that some of these conditions arise partly from emotional experiences. I guess we can never pinpoint to exactly one thing. I met an energy healer on the tube about three weeks ago. I had left a wonderful aroma therapy massage at Neal’s Yard in London Bridge and was on my way to see my friend Lucy. I have never before met anyone on the tube. I was sitting with my purchases from Neals Yard (more oils), sniffing on a tissue with a mixture of scents, when I felt a woman next to me smile at me. We started talking and she told me that she’s an energy healer and that she’s looking to set up her business. I explained that I help businesses promote themselves. Coincidence? We swapped numbers. A while later, I gave her number to my friend Mati who contacted her for her own reasons. During her visit, this lady mentioned that she had sensed my condition and that she’ll be happy to see me when I’m ready. I may contact her next week to see if we can meet.

My next appointment to check healing progress, obtain pathology results and discuss further treatments is this Thursday morning. Part of me feels very calm and another part feels a bit of dread. It’s the kind of dread I have never experienced before. Regardless of what appointments or meetings I have had in the past, be it to discuss being made redundant from a job, a relationship break-up meeting or chat or anything like that – nothing compares. I am very aware of my thoughts these days, much more so than ever before. I actually hear and feel the thoughts as they come up and then decide to park them or pursue them further. I would love to get quite skilled at this as it’s going to be invaluable going forward.

It was nice to spend a couple of hours with Laura and have those kinds of conversations, which some people shy away from/ avoid.

And the chicken dishes were delicious – mmmm! More of this food tonight. For now though more meditation, feet up and a little nap!



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