Sunday afternoon and I’m deliberately being lazy. The last couple of days have been great. Friday came and went with work meetings, a lovely team lunch at a French restaurant near Sloan Square and a catch up with Mirela, followed by a theatre play at the Royal Court with Pix and her friends. Spent yesterday mostly lounging around both Brixton pop-up and the World Press Photo exhibition at the Royal Festival Hall. Perfect for an incredibly grey, cold and rainy saturday.

I feel stronger and have a big appetite these days. Must be my body calling out for nutrition to speed up healing. I have also made a decision to follow my instincts on food. I have always been a healthy eater and I will continue on that path and add more greens to my daily diet. After all, the most important thing is to have a health, happy mind which can support my body and for me this means enjoying simple pleasures such as different foods, being out and about with friends and loved ones.

I’ve been forwarded a TED talk (love TED) on diet and in particular “Can we eat to starve cancer?” Worth watching and a very interesting concept. I had Indian food twice yesterday – first at Kricket, a pop-up in Brixton with delicious small dishes, followed by a dinner at Mango Tree near Borough Market with Goan fish curry which had plenty of tumeric, judging by its colour. I reckon due to a previously more restricted diet of salads, vegetables, yoghurt, my body was screaming out for richer foods. Both meals were delicious!

I also met a friend of a friend yesterday who has been given the all-clear 5 year stamp following breast cancer. She had a lumpectomy and radio therapy. While it’s good to hear people share their experiences, I’m very mindful that what happened to her, doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll happen to me, e.g. ‘you’ll feel like this’ and ‘you’ll then have to do this’ – everyone’s journey is so personal and different. For now, I am definitely not looking forward to chemo but know that this is an essential part of the treatment. As someone once said: Funda, it’s only a small period of time. It’ll pass. Too right it’ll pass. And once it has passed, I will be busy training my body to be fit again. Fit enough for the London Triathlon in August! In a mad moment of ‘I need something to get fit for’, I signed up for it this morning. Regardless of whether I will end up actually competing in it or not, it’s going to serve as a goal and provide a timeline to get fit for. Bring it on! After all, it’s only a ‘baby one’ of 400m swim, 10km bike ride and 2.5km run. I have always looked at triathletes and thought ‘why?’ Why would you put yourself through that? I guess one word is fitness, another could be challenge, or achievement. I guess it’ll be all of those.

I’m no longer in any pain. I do take painkillers before going to sleep to ease things at night as specific movements in bed can still be a little restrictive but it seems that the only soreness is now on the inside of my left upper arm and near where the port was built in. Bruises are still quite visible but seem to be fading which is good.

Meanwhile my thoughts are with what has happened in Paris. Paris, London, New York, Frankfurt – it could have been anywhere. Seems we empathise more with nations that are more similar to us and closer to us than others (Lebanon, Russia etc) which I guess is human nature. I find it incredible that these kinds of highly organised attacks are still being carried out under the nose of authorities who may well be aware of the various groups but not aware of plans/ activities. Despite all the intelligence in the world, we are simply fragile.




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