Chakra Balancing, Reiki, Spiritual Healing

This morning, I had a two hour session with Danira Caleta at the Hale Clinic near Regent’s Park. Whilst I know what chakra balancing is and have friends who do Reiki, I didn’t know quite what to expect. Her name came up in a book which my mum had recommended called ‘Radical Remission’. Most of the references made in books like these lead back to centres and practitioners in the US but on googling her, I was delighted to find that she practises in London. Having called her yesterday for an initial chat, we met today at 10a.m.

I felt very comfortable talking to her from the start. We spent maybe around 40 minutes talking. We talked about my life, she asked about any significant changes/ circumstances of the past few years and suggested some further reading to me. We touched on diet and she also advised not to make any drastic changes. We agreed to cut out sugar and dairy but otherwise balance things out. She said she had met Mrs Gerson and said that these therapies (while working for some) are very extreme. She is a firm believer in intuition and listening to the body and to what it wants (to eat). I explained how I had already changed my diet and improved it significantly by cutting out toxins and adding more greens, alkalining etc. We touched on some of the other aspects the book (Radical Remission) mentions and while I’m ware of the points, I’m only half way through reading it. What a refreshing approach for a book to analyse the lifestyles, treatments and mindsets of those that achieved radical remission against all odds and try and find common denominators. The author (Kelly Turner) discovered that there were 9 points the people in the study had followed in no particular order and with weight on some over others depending on the person. These are:

1. Changing your diet.
2. Taking control of your health.
3. Following your intuition.
4. Using herbs and supplements.
5. Releasing suppressed emotions.
6. Increasing positive emotions.
7. Embracing social support.
8. Deepening your spiritual connection.
9. Having strong reasons for living.

I already started tackling some of these and I’m working on some more.

Danira asked this morning whether I trusted my intuition and I do. We discussed intuition vs. thinking in decisions and in day-to-day scenarios. We talked about family, about support, etc. She had asked me whether I had ever connected to my higher self. I wasn’t sure if I had or how to answer this. Maybe I haven’t yet, at least not completely.

Towards the end of the conversation she told me that I’m an old soul. I later asked her about this again and she said that it feels like I have learned from past incarnations and that she has a feeling that I may have well been a parent to one of my own parents in a past life. Interesting.

After our conversation, I lay down flat, closed my eyes and followed her guidance on Qigong breathing meditation. This then lead into a guided meditation which put me on a beach, somewhere in South America, with yellow sands, endless ocean, lush tropical rainforest and a sea of colourful flowers. At the edge of the beach was a small waterfall. I sat in the waterfall for a while, feeling the water run down me while savouring tropical fruits and coconuts with the sound of the ocean and the waterfall in my ears. Being such a beach fan, it wasn’t hard for me to visualise this and actually be there with sounds and sensations feeling quite real. In this scenario, I also had a bright light that I moved across my body, a healing light.

She then asked me to stay in that place and focus on that place, to try and not fall asleep, as she began the Reiki. Her hands, though not touching, gave off so much heat, very comforting. She moved from my head to my toes as I kept my eyes closed and sat by the waterfall. Interestingly at one point, I noticed my left breast area starting to literally pulsate, to breathe. At first I thought I could feel my heartbeat but then realised it was way too slow to be that. It was something else. Slightly painful or uncomfortable and felt more like breathing. She later said that this was a sign of healing. Something else I noticed that I have never experienced before, is a blue light appearing and disappearing while I had my eyes closed. It was a purple blue, then blue, then would disappear. Again healing.

After about an hour she gently brought me back from my visualisation and explained that she was doing a lot of energy work on my solar plexus and stomach area, a lot of work with emotions stuck there. She said that she also worked with my ankles (an area for immune system boosts). On that note, I have had a sore left ankle for a year or so on and off… no idea if related but I thought about this immediately.

We talked briefly after the session and I shared my experiences with her and vice versa. She told me to go easy today and tomorrow, lots of rest and downtime and not to interact with too many people on my way home as I’d be ‘wide open to receive their energy’. I feel nicely spaced out. Totally relaxed and quite vacant. I sat on the tube back staring into space with no thoughts, no fears, no worries, just calmness.



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