Decision time

What do you tend to base your decisions on? I mean the big decisions? Do you follow and then trust your instincts? Do you ask your friends for their views? Your family? Is your decision swayed by fear? By rationale? By heart? What was the biggest decision you’ve ever had to made and how did you decide on one direction over another and did you look back and wonder or did you wholeheartedly embrace the decision?

It’s decision time.. very soon. Following my call with the clinic in Mexico, I went for a second visit with nutritionist Dr. Xandria Williams. She’s known in the UK as one of the best Complimentary alternative medics (CAMs) and she’s based in London. During my first visit, she had asked me to do a metabolic test online to find out how exactly what foods are good for me, how they are digested etc. This was a few weeks ago and I diligently did the test back then, having been told ‘no dairy’, ‘no sugar’, ‘no grain’, almost all vegetables etc. Turns out actually I’m a mixed oxidation dominant.Mixed Oxidizers should eat a truly “balanced diet.” Although they have great freedom in food selection, they must make a point of eating a mixture of the correct foods at each meal.

During my second visit which Mati accompanied me at, we talked about my change in diet since the first time I met her. To be fair, I had – for the past 4 weeks – changed my diet to include: daily green juices, more green vegetables, no bread, no dairy, no sugar, less grains and much less alcohol. She asked how I’ve been feeling and I have to admit that I have felt better than ever before. More energy, more clarity and definitely healthier.

We then discussed chemotherapy in depth.. Her approach would always be non-toxic and based on natural remedies to restore health in the body rather than tackle potential disease. Her approach is not that of a crook but of a biochemist, a scientist, a biologist, a PHD and she has been helping a number of people help themselves. For some reason, this type of approach – even if not supported by research studies of 10s of thousands of people – resonates better with me. She suggested I do a blood test to see what kinds of enzymes, proteins and other things are in my system and then make a plan accordingly. I spoke to her about Mexico and she had not only been there but also met Dr. Contreras who runs the place. It seems that instead of spending a small fortune on Mexico, I could seek similar treatments here in the UK.

She then suggested a blood test that would look at a panel of different things typically found in the bloody if there is any cancerous activity present. This is now at the cell level, not looking at tumors. It seems that conventional medicine only ever hunts a tumor mass and then decides how to get rid off it. Nobody ever asked me about my lifestyle, about smoking, about drinking, nutrition. It seems that in conventional medicine, cancer is considered to be just ‘bad luck’. Really? If that were the case, why wouldn’t we apply the same theory to anything and everything we experience on a physical level? Got a headache – bad luck. God a cold – bad luck.

So today I went to get my blood taken by Biolabs just off Oxford Circus. The sample will be sent to a place in the US to be analysted. This CA panel will show certain characteristics typically given off by cancer cells. The results come back in about a week’s time. In the meantime I have my next appointment with oncologist Dr. Cleator scheduled for Monday.

This evening I was invited to a xmas party on a beautiful cruise liner that slowly took us through the beautiful city of London from Putney to Canary Wharf. I managed to switch off for some of the time and just enjoy conversations with people I hadn’t seen in a long time while enjoying both being amongst close friends as well as people who I I may have never spoken to before in other circumstances. I’m super grateful for this evening, for living in a place that people not only want to live in but live well in. For all the little things that I keep noticing along the way, most days.



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