Day 2

48 hours after my first cycle. The night passed pretty uneventful and I woke up to a beautiful sunrise, feeling fine. Took a photo and tweeted the sunrise which was picked up by a local news site, great start to the day.

Around an hour into the morning, I started having some heartburn, which is quite a familiar feeling. I ate some breakfast, took a couple of the steroids and decided to give the other two anti-emetic drugs a miss for today. Still have some nausea at times but definitely smaller waves than yesterday. I have a feeling the anti-emetics were making me drowsy which actually wasn’t helping much with nausea. Heartburn lasted on and off for about 3-4 hours while I was trying to do some work from home, not pleasant but familiar from instances where I’ve had it before. I ate some left-over pasta with pesto for lunch and that seemed to settle my stomach.

I hadn’t left home since monday afternoon and with heartburn settled, I took a walk towards Greenwich park and the Royal Observatory. The first 10 minutes were tough. Very low energy and just trying to fill my lungs with fresh air. Certain smells proved to be quite an obstacle course en route. The smell of cigarette smoke in places and other smells almost instantly brought on nausea. In contrast, the smell of Mc Donald’s and fried things smelt good, so did beer for some strange reason. Something is messing with my sense of smell and taste.

The walk gradually got easier but climbing up the hill at the observatory wasn’t easy. Quite unbelievable that I smashed a 5km run in 28 minutes only 3 days before. Beautiful views from up there as usual and good to sit still in fresh air for a while and contemplate things. I’m grateful that so far things have been manageable and hope that my body continues to be supportive. Bought a few freshly pressed vegetable juices on the way back from a health shop (not at all in the mood to even smell or taste them right now) and managed a 5.5km walk overall.

It feels good to continue work and I’m looking forward to getting out and about a bit more over the coming days.



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