Session 2

Did you know it’s World Cancer Day today? I had no idea.. stumbled upon it by seeing a social media post yesterday. These sorts of days typically come with lots of stats and this one is no different of course. Apparently cancer death rates in the UK have fallen by almost 10% the last decade, although the number of cases is still going up. Good to have this kind of awareness campaign and encourage healthier lifestyles, cut down on stigmas and get people thinking. One of the articles that came up while I was reading on the topic was this piece- unfortunately in the Mirror of all places- but still an inspiring read: Four cancer victims strip naked to mark World Cancer Day – and tell their stories of survival.

Today also marks the day of my second chemo session which starts in a few hours. It seems a long time ago since my last time and I’m glad that aside from the first three days of queasiness, the past three weeks went by uneventful and with me feeling great. The difference now is that I of course know what to expect in terms of the process. While it does take away some of the anxiety, I don’t think it changes the nervousness around the ‘unknown’. How will I feel? Will it be the same? Will it be worse?

I started the day with a short Deepak meditation on ‘perfect health’ – my favourite session which guides you to different parts of your body and encourages you to be thankful for all the things these parts perform for you, etc. I’m also going to be listening to the hypnosis audio to try and prep my body to deal with the drugs as best as possible.

On the hair front, a few strands are still coming out every time I gently run my hand through my hair. I wonder if this will continue like this or at some point stop. I’ll have a conversation with the nurses and see what they’ve witnessed from other people. I’ll also see if some of the anti-sickness drugs can be changed or lowered or whether they were making me drowsy last time round or whether it was the chemo, the cold cap or whatever else.

I’m glad my friend Mati is coming with me to keep me company. I had all these intentions of reading, working etc. last time but ended up just talking to Lucy or just sitting and meditation. A part of my meditation today will be a visualisation of a beautiful beach, with the finest white sands, most turquoise waters and the feeling of warm sunshine on my skin.




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