Day 6 post EC cycle number two and I feel like things are back to normal again. I’m still slightly more tired than usual but the tiredness seems to come in waves, just hits you at different times and then disappears. Very glad also that my ‘down-day’ was just a day. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced anything like it before, and since I’m not someone who has mood swing, I definitely blame the drugs. Whether that’s the chemo drugs or the small dose of steroids which I took for two days. Someone on a forum mentioned that the latter drugs produce a high and of course a low once stopped too. In any case, glad that’s over with! I woke up on Tuesday feeling much better!

With my mood back to normal, I decided to head to the hairdresser to have him assess ‘the damage so far’. I’ve known Craig for years and see him every 2-3 months, so he knows my hair well. Most of my friends make fun of me having a trim every couple of months but they don’t realise that for curly hair, even a tiny bit cut off makes a huge difference to how curls bounce again. He looked through my hair, especially the back of my hair and said that there were definitely no bold patches. If anything, my hair has thinned by around 20% but with no obvious gaps. Most of the thinning is at the back towards the lower end – I guess where the cold cap doesn’t fit/ reach. I was SO relieved to hear that. I can definitely feel the thinning and have less hair than before but it isn’t noticeable. I thought about maybe cutting my hair shorter to take some of the weight off. This wouldn’t be my choice but just a practical decision. He advised against it, simply because curly hair doesn’t ‘weigh’ much anyway and it doesn’t show any hair loss right now. So I had a trim as usual and walked out feeling happy.

On the subject of hair, I had an appointment at the LOC with one of their hair & make-up consultants who suggested having a couple of wigs on hand just in case. When we met, she said she was hopeful that I wouldn’t need them after all. Fingers crossed. Very odd touching and looking through synthetic hair, choosing colours etc.

My appetite seems good these days. I still have a distinct aversion to fish and the smell of fish. I love seafood and fish – hope this is temporary. At the moment, I can’t even stand the thought of fish. Instead, I have a craving for hearty, rich foods. I ate my own body weight in Lebanese food at lunchtime and seem to be hungry a lot of the time. Also a craving for sugar, which is unusual for me. All in all, apart from a one-off bad mood, tiredness and certain food cravings, no side effects. I’m looking forward to more normality in the next few days and weeks. So grateful! And the day ended with a freezing but stunning sunset earlier.



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