Done with the cold cap, done with having drugs put into my body and not knowing how I will react to them, done with torturing my poor veins on my right arm, done with anti-sickness tablets (soon), done with counting days to feel better, down counting down to the next treatment. DONE DONE DONE! What a relief!

I don’t think it has quite sunk in yet. Maybe it will in the next couple of days but I’m done with chemo! I had my last session yesterday morning and it was pretty much the same procedure as every time. Weight first and it seems I lost 1.5kg since the last time they weighed me three weeks ago. Down to 59kg which is my ideal weight. All good.

This time I had a male nurse from Portugal who was very sweet and efficient. He chose a vein on my lower right arm that we hadn’t used yet and managed to get the cannula in first time round. Blood tests came back good with white blood count in good shape. He administered a new anti-sickness addition, Palonosetron, via the cannula to tackle delayed nausea over the next five days.

Then it was time for the dreaded cold cap and my god it was painful. So painful. I almost cried during the first 10 minutes but continued to imagine blazing sunshine beating down on my head on a beach. After about 15 minutes, it became more bearable. For some reason though the cap sat lower on my forehead this time which I don’t think helped much with the headache/ pain.

I listened to my usual hypnosis mp3 on accepting the drugs in the best possible ways and around 11am, the two injections of epirubicin went in slowly over the course of 30 minutes, sticky red stuff going into my veins for the last time. THE LAST TIME. A little later, the cyclophosphamide drip was put on. Then another two hours wait to take the cold cap off for the last time. It was an agonizing last half an hour to say the least. The right side of my head felt like it had been shot, literally like a hole in the head, very painful. Finally it was time to take it off. Almost an immediate relief from the pain.

Before leaving the treatment rooms, I took a few moments to say good bye in my head, to leave the place feeling grateful for four sessions that went smooth and without complications. So happy to turn my back on the place.

Once home, the usual procedure kicked in. Drowsiness and nausea and the nausea was hideous this time. I barely managed to stay awake and finally took myself to bed around 9.30pm. Slept on and off and woke up around 5.30pm, watched a glorious sunrise, did some work and slept again. The nausea has been okay so far today and I’ve had normal meals with no particular junk food cravings this time. I know it’s all over now but I still feel in a bit of a daze. It’ll probably sink in soon!



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