Seaside surrender 

I’ve been in Turkey for a week now and it feels so good to be by the sea, to feel the sand under my feet, the sun on my face, to smell the familiar scent of sun cream and salty air, the sound of the gentle waves, a different yet familiar language around me, long days and warm nights. London seems far far away with its crowds, appointments, worries and experiences of the last few months. And this is a very good thing. It’s hard to feel heavy or sad when surrounded by such beautiful scenery.

I was apprehensive about coming back to Cesme, a place I go to most summers ever since I was born. At first it was an odd feeling to be somewhere so familiar where everything looked the same yet I feared nothing would feel the same. Maybe that’s not such a bad thing, things feeling different. I have always appreciated being here and this time even more so. I have really needed to wind down and spend quiet time. It seems that my mind has also got quieter.

Over the last couple of days the water has been still and beautifully turquoise so I spent a lot of time in the water, just letting the sea carry me, floating and putting some trust back into nature. It was an emotional experience, I felt taken care of in the water with a faint feeling of knowing that everything will be okay.  


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