As I’m approaching my one year since diagnosis next week, and following a mastectomy last year followed by chemo and hormone tablets, I pulled my annual scans forward slightly. It was probably one of the most terrifying things going back to where things started. Having the mammogram again, the ultra sound and finally an MRI last week due to a very dense breast… it all felt very emotional. 

So I had the MRI on Tuesday and this time managed to convince them to let me listen to music. While it was slightly more relaxing, it also allowed me to judge how much time had gone by from the number of songs played. I was told I would get the results 24 hours later.Thursday came and I starred at my phone for most of the day but no call came. In the end I called the surgeon’s secretary who said they were chasing the hospital for the scans. Another day of waiting lay ahead, another day of being anxious.

Yesterday, I called their office every few hours and finally had the call back at 5pm to say that everything was completely clear! I was in a shop at the time and had to drop everything and take a moment to let it sink in. A moment to cry tears of relief. The biggest relief. 

I know that it’s early days but in my heart I’m celebrating and it feels divine. 


2 thoughts on “Clear!

  1. Yay! I read somewhere that every month with out evidence of disease in the first few years increases your chances of living progression free, as most recurrences occur in the first few years. So celebrate this milestone.


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